Grow Church

Grow Groups is an ideal place to assimilate and fit into the life of our church. You will experience a sense of belonging as you build relationships with a caring group of people who are only too willing to welcome and help you grow in your faith and walk with God.

Grow Groups are a critical part of the process of people growing and maturing to be everything God made them to be. 

Attending church is vital for Growth in God, and the crucial next step is to be actively involved in Grow Group. Grow Groups are a not a program of the church, but we are church of Grow Groups. Grow Groups are the Building Blocks of the Church; they are an integral part of this church. We ensure that everyone who is in the church is assigned to a Grow Group for care and follow-up.

Grow groups are small groups which meet weekly in homes for prayer, worship, bible study and care, in order to build relationships with God and each other. We develop our gifts in God in a close, caring fellowship of believers.

Grow groups are also an incubator where we grow our hearts towards those in our lives who do not know Christ. Grow Groups play an important part in outreach through focused prayer for the Heart-2-Heart program.

If you want to Grow then you need to go!

For venue details contact the church office on

Aintree7:00pm Tuesday
Diggers Rest7:30 pm Tuesday
Deer Park7:00pm Tuesday
Keilor4:30 pm Tuesday
St. Albans Central7:30 pm Tuesday
St. Albans West7:30 pm Tuesday
Taylors Lakes7:30 pm Tuesday
Young Adults7:00 pm Tuesday

Contact Pastor Louis Mercieca